Started in March 2008 by Anna Colin (Associate Director, Bétonsalon, Paris) and Mia Jankowicz (Artistic Director, CIC, Cairo), Disclosures‘ projects aim to open up and draw parallels between non-dominant histories and cultural practices on the one hand, and contemporary cultural production and political structures on the other. This takes place through seminars, commissioning, exhibitions and events programming clustered round a single focus.

Disclosures has so far taken the form of the following public projects:

/ Disclosures at Toynbee Hall, Middlesex Street Estate and Gasworks (27 March – 18 May 2008), devised by Anna Colin and Mia Jankowicz and produced by Gasworks, London. Open source, intellectual property, and contemporary art.

/ Disclosures II: The Middle Ages in Laxton and at Nottingham Castle (5 September – 5 October 2008), devised by Anna Colin and produced by Nottingham Contemporary. The agricultural commons and the cultural commons.

/ Women and the Archive: A Partial Disclosure at The Women’s Library (14 March 2009), devised by Anna Colin, produced by The Whitechapel Gallery and hosted by The Women’s Library, London. Gendering the archive.

/ Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea (18 September-7 November 2010), devised by Anna Colin and Mia Jankowicz and produced by Gasworks. The sea and the offshore as political and ideological medium.

Disclosures has a special interest in the notion of openness across fields of cultural production at large. As such, it is the basis for research focusing on knowledge sharing, perhaps best exemplified by Pipeline|*, an online tool set up to share the artistic and curatorial research generated from within and around Gasworks’s programming.

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